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Innovations in Analytics

There are many analytic engines and appliances out there. Yet many of these engines share common technology patterns: In-memory databases, transparent sharding and columnar storage are all technology patterns that appear in many of these products. What I want to concentrate in this article are particular products that bring something innovative to the table. Here … Continue reading

ETL Parallelization: Loading Fact Tables Using the Modulo Shredder

For all the performance optimizations you may put in place, eventually you may run up against a bottleneck – you may want your load time to be reduced, but you find that each subsequent optimization simply will not deliver the performance increase you require. If you’re in this situation, you may want to consider parallelizing … Continue reading

Business Intelligence: 9 Hot Technologies to Keep an Eye On

The Business Intelligence landscape has changed rapidly in the last few years: There have been many new entrants touting a wide range of technlogies, but fundamentally here are the hot technologies that you should look out for when evaluating a BI technology stack: Columnar Storage Targetted at large-scale datawarehousing, columnar storage allows massive compression ratios … Continue reading