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Comparing HDInsight with Azure Big Data Services

Microsoft offers both the Hadoop ecosystem on Azure (which it collectively calls HDInsight) as well as a range of Azure Big Data services. This article attempts to compare and contrast these technologies and to suggest reasons why you might choose one over another. Equivalent Technologies Below is a simplified matrix showing the Azure Big Data … Continue reading

NOSQL Document Stores: The Realm of Dispensable Data

At one time, when we didn’t have much data, most of what we did have was considered either essential, or very valuable indeed: Accounts, legal documents, receipts, orders, medical records – you get the picture. Because we couldn’t generate, store or process much information, that which we did generate, store and process had real¬†importance: Not … Continue reading

The NOSQL Landscape

There are a lot of products today marketing themselves as NOSQL. However the more one digs deeply into the supported features of each, the more startling are the differences. Unlike RDBMSs, the feature set of NOSQL databases is radically different from one to another: In areas such as transaction support and scope, programmatic interfaces and … Continue reading